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Deep Fryer & Built-in Bar-Be-Que

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Why settle for occasional delicacies while you can enjoy in-house food that tickles your taste buds every day?

While we were growing up, one of the favorite treats was to stop at the local snacks corner and help ourselves with a few deep fried spring rolls or those hot samosas straight out of the pan. Resonates with you. Doesn’t it? How about preparing the sizzling fries in the comfort of your own kitchen? This is possible. Luckily, you can buy a small deep fryer online and a Bar-Be-Que, on the go.

Want a change? Bored of an oil-free, boring less-oily diet every day?

Well, there’s nothing wrong in having a weakness for fried foods. And that’s exactly why these kitchen appliances are gaining fast popularity among people today.
Or if you wish to host an elaborate evening meal with lots of chicken drumsticks or any other deep fried starter dish you could think about? Being simple to use, you can easily deep fry foods in electric fryer - deep fryers with large serving capacity.

The wonders of an electric deep fryer!

Kaff’s compact and best deep fryer is well worth of its deep fryer price. See how.

• Not all food prep requires the same temperature. While it may be too hot for some foods, being low for others. Kaff’s automated deep fryer comes with electronic temperature control. It constantly monitors and adjusts to the desired temperature of the oil accordingly, with an adjustable temperature lamp set by thermostat. Also, it sustains heat better.

• With a timer assuring accurate cook times or an indicator light that shows you alerts when the food is ready, prevent food from becoming over cooked. Make sure that your food is cooked to perfection.

• One of the downsides of cooking fried food is the nagging lingering smell of oil or grease. Ventilation systems are integrated to reduce frying odors.

• Just like any electrical appliance, safety features are important. Electric deep fryer by Kaff is safer and more efficient for an even cooking. It features an exclusive oil container prevents spills and burns caused by splashing of oil.

• Especially when you are doing a lot of frying, a deep fryer has a basket with a cool grip and cool-touch surfaces that protects you from the super-hot oil inside the fryer.

Fulfill your cooking dreams with a Built-in Bar-Be-Que!

Do you prefer the unmistakable taste of food cooked at home, or the convenience and easy cleanup of a gas grill? Either way, Kaff has a perfect solution for a lot many fried and appetizing bar-be-que cuisines at home. Placed next to your Built in Hob inside your counter top, a Built-in electric Bar-Be-Que would help you with French Fries, Smiley’s for anytime snacking or those Potato Wedges for a wonderful dinner date with your family. What could be better than a home-made delight tasting exactly like the ones from your favorite restaurant - who would say no to that?

Warranty is a good feature to look for. 2 years warranty on Kaff’s Built-in electric Bar-Be-Que seems a fair deal. Bonus, they come with enameled grills for easier maintenance and cleanup.

You are sure to get a great deal for the money!

The trend of a Deep Fryer online or a Bar-Be-Que is increasingly becoming a household name and so is KAFF India. With over a decade of experience in electrical appliances, Kaff is India’s ultimate online shopping site for kitchen appliances. We cater to the kitchen needs of our valued customers with mammoth assortment of electrical appliances.

Your heaven for budget kitchen appliances shopping is here with all the latest earring trends of the century. From the best Deep Fryer to classic Built-in Bar-Be-Que, you'll get it all here!

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